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Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Biggest Pastel Pet Peeve and How I Fixed it

'Marsh Music' 8x10 pastel ©Karen Margulis
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I admit it I am usually a messy painter. But there is one thing that really bothers me and that is having loose paper on my backboard. It drives me crazy when my paper is not securely attached. I don't like corners that curl or paper that isn't perfectly flat. I don't want ot have to fight with my paper and easel when trying to paint. I've tried several ways to attach my papers and boards to my backing board with no luck...bulldog clips, bankers clips, pins are fine but all get in the way of my painting. I've used tape on the corners and all around the paper but that leaves blank spots to fill in. I have found a way that finally makes me happy...Making hinges with my white artist tape.

Hinges Made with White Artist Tape

Hinges are made by simply placing one piece of tape on the back of your paper at all four corners. Place the tape so the sticky side faces towards the front of the paper. Now place your paper on the backing board (I use foamcore) and place another piece of tape over the sticky part of the first pieces of tape you applied. (see photo) I sometimes add a hinge on the sides especially if I will be doing a wet underpainting.
  • Hinges are great because they don't cover any of your paper so the tape doesn't interfere with your painting.
  • Hinges work well when you have a wet underpainting and you want to stretch the wet paper so it dries flatter.
  • Hinges are more cost effective than taping down all the edges...less tape used.
  • Hinged tape can be reused. If you pull your finished painting off the hinges carefully there is usually enough 'stick' left in the tape to reuse them for another painting or two.
This is a great method of keeping your paper secure. Give it a try! If you want to know more about white artist tape read my post HERE
Today's painting 'Marsh Music' was a class demo on complementary color underpainting. It inspired a larger marsh painting. You can see a step by step demo HERE

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