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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Doug Dawson Workshop Report...Day 3

'Goldenrod Marsh'. 9x12       Pastel
I knew it would be a great workshop with Doug Dawson and it exceeded my expectations. The whole experience was fantastic from the great group of fellow artists to the excellent instruction from Doug. I made new friends and learned so much. Doug's wife Sue is a wonderful asset to the workshop experience. She I so helpful and supportive. They make a great team! I highly recommend taking a workshop with Doug.
We began the day by working on our paintings from yesterday's color studies. I decided to try a different subject from yesterday so I did a new set of color studies and developed them into the three paintings shown in this post. This is the kind of exercise I love so the things I learned about doing color studies will be a great help. I have to review my notes and then I will be posting more details!
'Goldenrod Marsh II'  9x12  Pastel
'Goldenrod Marsh III'. 6x8             Pastel
Color studies for the Goldenrod paintings. The top two have the second layer of pastel while the bottom two show only the under painting colors.


Véronique BEC said...

Very interesting Karen!!
Thank you for your shares ;-)

MarjRC said...

I took a w/shop with Doug Dawson several years ago in Montreal, Quebec and loved it! I learned a lot and it was one of the best artist experiences I've had.

HappyPainter212 said...

Very lovely variations on your theme! Almost feel as though I too attended the workshop.

Anonymous said...

These are pretty, I think the 2nd one is my favorite.