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Monday, March 04, 2013

Testing the Blogsy App

I am in Chicago this week visiting Corey and Grace. It is Caitlin's Spring Break so we decided to visit. We knew it would probably be cold but didn't think we'd get a snow storm! I am hoping for some snow photos! I took a few Sunday and played with them with the Snapseed App....so much fun!
I am posting this on my iPad using the Blogsy app. I would love to be able to blog on my summer trip using the iPad so I need to work out any kinks. I first tried the Blogger app which wasn't very user friendly. I will test this app and give a full review soon!

Tomorrow I plan to spend the afternoon at the Art Institute of Chicago. I am so excited. I have to plan my route. Field trip report tomorrow!




1 comment:

Nancy L. Vance said...

Anxious to see if Blogsy worked well for you. I like it and appreciate the apps developers having a good website with lots of videos on how to use it!