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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elizabeth Mowry Workshop Day 2


'Beach Dreams'. 9x12. Pastel

It was another wonderful day at the workshop. Elizabeth opened up the day with a quote about nature. She then did a wonderful demo of some Autumn trees. She called it a tree study because the painting was all about the tree. Elizabeth's demo was sprinkled with her pearls of wisdom about painting trees such as:

  • It is important to really study trees and get to know them.
  • Slow down and really observe the tree...how does it grow,what colors,what is it's character.
  • When you are painting the edges of trees really slow down and pay attention to the edges. The edges can tell a lot about the tree.
  • In looking at my notes I guess the most important thing is slowing down! That is good advice I intend to take

Elizabeth Mowry's palette for her tree demo

After the demo we spent some time looking at some of Elizabeth's work as she shared her method of critiquing our own work. I will share this another time and will definitely be using it. After lunch we painted and finished the day with another group sharing/feedback session. I enjoyed the whole day but especially enjoyed our lunch with Elizabeth where she shared stories of her time on her New York farm. I can't get the picture of her goat stuck up on the roof out of my head!

One more day so stay tuned! Oh and I painted the beach today. I think I'll do a tree tomorrow!


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