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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Elizabeth Mowry Workshop Day 3

'Winter Walk'         12x12          pastel      ©Karen Margulis
Today was the last day of the workshop and we sure did fit a lot of painting and information into three days.  Credit goes to Elizabeth Mowry for her organized plan for the workshop and to our wonderful Volunteers from the Southeastern Pastel Society. Their hard work made it easy for the artists to concentrate on painting. Breakfast and lunch was provided and so no time was wasted.  It made for such a pleasant and relaxing workshop experience.

Today was a day spent on painting. We were able to finish what we had started or start something new. Elizabeth was able to give everyone plenty of individual help.  She also took shared with us one of her teaching exercises called Learning Circles. I am going to give it a try so I will have to leave you with that little tease until I can get to it!  The workshop ended with another longer feedback session. Elizabeth encouraged everyone to share their thoughts so we all left with lots of ideas.

It is usually my goal to come home from a workshop and work on the ideas and techniques I've learned. I don't know how much time I will have to do that since I am gearing up to go to IAPS and our big Southwest Adventure in a about 10 days!  I have a lot of organizing to do before I go but one of the big things I got out of the workshop is to learn to slow down and observe. That I will be practicing on this trip so the timing of this workshop was perfect for me!

Today's painting..... I chose a winter scene from my ipad and was challenged to simplify the very busy background. It was filled with trees, stone walls and lamp posts!


Donna T said...

Thanks so much for sharing this workshop with us, Karen! I have Elizabeth's Poetic Landscape set of Giraults ... now I need to learn how to get the poetry into my work. (I can't believe she could paint in a white sweater!)

Karen said...

Yes! I was thinking the same thing and without an apron!!! I would have been covered in pastel!!!

Unknown said...

Love this painting - so soft and surreal looking. Thanks for sharing your workshop experiences, as it sounds wonderful.