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Friday, May 31, 2013

Packing Supplies for an Art Trip

'Red Rocks Calling'         24x36           pastel      ©Karen Margulis
 I feel like I have been packing for a year!  There is a lot to consider when you will be away for close to a month. And my travel companions and I agreed that this trip we will downsize! A few years ago we drove out to Wyoming and we had way too much stuff. Every stop we had to spend time re arranging our gear so it would fit in the car. And it was all so heavy!  So this year I have been trying out all kinds of solutions and I think that I am good to go!

So the lesson learned from the last big road trip...Down Size and Keep it Light!

My stuff for month long road trip
Unless your trip is strictly a plein air trip where painting is the focus I recommend downsizing your supplies.  I plan on taking photos, sketching and just contemplating each place we stop. I won't always have time to set up and paint so I want to keep it simple.  I have packed all of my supplies in a black messenger bag. I could have gone with a smaller bag but I needed extra supplies for IAPS.

 I have put together a small kit of pastels (see this post) and will be painting 5x7's.  Last trip we carried easels and tables and big boxes of pastels.....and spent more time rearranging the gear in the trunk than using it!
This year I will find a rock or a table and just paint on my lap. It is all about capturing the light and the colors and my paintings are simply studies so I don't need my full set up.

What else I need for the Road Trip

  • Suitcase...I am packing enough for a week and then we will do laundry. I went through several bags before I settled on this one. It is a feather weight nylon suitcase that is super light. It has 4 way wheel and a large handle. It is going to be very easy to deal with. No Bellman carts on this trip!
  • Overnight bag...I got a great travel bag from Coldwater creek that hold my toiletries, ipad and electronic chargers. I can also fit in my clothes for each one night stop so I don't have to take in my suitcase.
  • The Navigator's bag....I am the official trip planner and navigator and while we will use technology and GPS....we love paper maps so this small bag will stay in the car and it hold all of our maps, guide books and Nature guides (important!)
  • Rolling Cooler....we like to find a beautiful spot outside for our lunches so this year we have a rolling cooler to take to our picnic sites....no dragging heavy coolers and food bags!
  • Inflatable mattress....some of our lodging will have three beds but some only two so this will come in handy.
About today's painting:  This was a large 24x36 commission I did last month. I was damaged slightly in shipping...UPS pierced the box through two layers of cardboard and foam core!.  My client and I have decided on another painting so I will try to repair the tear in this one. In the meantime I am enjoying it in my studio!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's sad about the shipping damage.
We did a multi-stop vacation trip, once. Lugging everything in and out every day or so got old in a hurry. Smart packing tips.