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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Blogging on a Road Trip with Blogsy

'Big Sky'      13x18        pastel        ©Karen Margulis sold
I'm traveling light. And for the first time I will not be taking my laptop on a trip. I will only have my iPad. I have taken trial runs. I needed to make sure I could do everything I needed on my iPad. I can check mail and social media. Keep up with my Daily Painting galleries and Etsy shop. The only other thing I wanted to be sure I could do was keep up with the blog.

I tried the Blogger app. It didn't work for me. Someone recommended the Blogsy app so I gave it a try and it works great. I used it to post my Elizabeth Mowry workshop reports last week. I was able to easily get photos into the post and the formatting looked fine when I published the post.  I am sure there will be glitches and issues as I explore the app further but so far I am pleased.  I would recommend watching the instructional videos. It helped me get through the learning curve since the interface is different from blogger.

So The only other thing I'll need is an internet connection and I know I will need patience in some of my locations. I will do my best to keep up with daily posting though. I am excited to share the adventure!

For those of you going to the IAPS convention.....I hope you will be able to do a few Artists Trading Cards to trade with me!  I will be bringing some paper so you can always paint one there! Just ask me!

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