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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Never Too Late to Learn to Paint

'Sail Away'          8x10           pastel        ©Karen Margulis
Bid on this painting at Daily Paintworks $45
It's my birthday today. The Big one. Over the Hill.  I don't feel like I am a day over 21. Well OK I do need reading glasses and I could be in better shape. But I really never think about my age. Except when I am reminded....like on my birthday!

But turning a decade does give me an opportunity to reflect on my journey as an artist.  I have  always loved art and used crafts as my creative outlet. But I didn't really start to paint until 8 years ago. I was too busy raising a family and working. I didn't have time or energy. But when the kids were older I decided it was important that I made the time and put in the effort to learn how to paint.

I realized that I wouldn't improve if I didn't practice so I made sure that I painted something small as often as I could. Just a little time each day made a huge difference. It really didn't take much effort and best of all I really did improve! I can't imagine what it would be like if I hadn't taken that step to learn how to paint.

You don't have to be born with talent or be young to learn how to paint!

When I am out painting in public I often have people come up to chat and very often someone will wistfully say they wish they could paint.....but they were too old to try something new! (or they can't draw a straight line....which you don't really need to do anyway!) Let me repeat....

You don't have to be born with talent or be young to learn how to paint!

Painting or doing any kind of art keeps you young. You will see the world with new eyes....everything will be fresh and exciting. Sure the journey to learn the skills to paint isn't always easy, but it is always filled with joy and discovery.  So don't let your excuses get in the way....Today is the day to get started on your art journey.....It's never too late!

And to my artist friends who already paint....try a new medium....enrich your own art journey!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I always enjoy your blog.
Joan L.

JamieLiz said...

Happy Birthday, and thank you for your blog and encouragement.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday....and journey on!Many things may you discover, many sights may you see!

sherrybella said...

Happy birthday Karen. You are as old as you feel! So you must be 21!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Sweden! :) Riley

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Karen! I love your blog, so informative and your art, beautiful aspens over my fireplace. Have a wonderful day!

Sandig said...

Happy Birthday ...celebrate!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your blog and encouragement.

Paula Somma said...

Happy Belated! :) Thank you for this post Karen. My story is very similar to yours and I appreciate this post very much. I turned 50 last September and just started to pursue my passion to paint in December wishing I had started earlier in life. This post gives me hope. Thank you for sharing your encouragement and knowledge with so many of us!