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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Success with Oil Painting!

'Summer Days'            6x8         oil on panel       ©Karen Margulis  sold

 What a great birthday!  I decided to schedule a workshop on my birthday because painting and teaching are my two favorite things to do. So what better way to celebrate than have a group of artists come to my studio to paint!  I was a little bit apprehensive though about the subject....oil painting!
But what a great time we had and best of all everyone left with a nice painting and excited to do more!

So why was I apprehensive?  I am primarily a pastelist. I dabble in oils. I had been asked by several students to teach an oil workshop but I put it off since I didn't feel I knew enough to offer anything  of value. But then I had a thought.  I had a very challenging introduction to oils. I actually gave up and thought I couldn't do it. But then some things happened and I started having more success.

What if I could share what I learned to help other artists have success with oils and not be intimidated? After all it was all very fresh in my mind. I planned a four hour workshop geared towards pastel artists who wanted to try oils.  All but one student had any oil experience.  Look at the wonderful paintings they did!

Paintings done by the class

We covered a lot of information in the four hours but I will summarize the two principles that guide me when I paint with oils.

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. From working with a limited palette to using a minimum amount of supplies, I try to keep my oil set up simple. Now I have my 5x7 pocket box painting practice will be even easier.
  • THINK LIKE A PASTELIST. I find it helps me get out of trouble with an oil painting if I ask myself "What would I do if this was a pastel painting?"  I usually then can figure out what to try.

'Desert Oasis'    5x7    oil     demo
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I will be scheduling another Oil workshop in the Fall so email me if you are interested!

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Anonymous said...

These all turned out well! I can see the pastel artist touch in them, and I like the effect.
I got the unsubscribe notice, too, but being behind in my email, found your message regarding it before I found the notice. Sorry you had to put up with that.

Dee Martella said...

I've been itching to try your pastel techniques with oil! Wonderful!