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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Making Time for Quiet Contemplation

'A Place to Unwind'         6x6        oil on panel         ©Karen Margulis
I took a last minute trip to the mountains this weekend.  I needed a brain dump.  I have been working at a frenzied pace for the last two months. I needed to. I came back from my Southwest trip so inspired and recharged and I had to act on all the things that were percolating in my head.

 I am not done either. But I need to take a break even if for a couple of days. I know artists who force themselves to take a break once a week. They won't paint on this day off and will do something else they enjoy. I know that may sound crazy.  Don't I always encourage you to paint often!  But when you spend 12 hours a day in the studio (and love every minute) sometimes you need to break away for your own good.

What I've learned from my month aways from the studio is that the time in a new environment allowed me to completely relax and be receptive to new ideas. I came back renewed and refreshed.  It also allowed for a bit of a technology break...no radio, tv or constant internet. No constant chatter. This allowed my own thoughts to come forward. Quiet contemplation is necessary for growth.

So this weekend I will spend time with family and friends and a good book. I will bring my road trip pastel kit just in case but I won't feel like I have to paint.

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