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Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Plein Air Painter

Another day at the Blue Ridge Paint out. I am not really a hard core plein air painter. I am not up at dawn and I do take breaks. So after an unrushed morning Jayne and I head to the agreed upon painting spot which was a local farm. I quickly set up on the side of the dirt road do a could paint the wonderful light and shadows sweeping across the field. 
I worked quickly getting in two paintings  before the shadows were gone. I enjoyed painting while listening to the birds and smelling the freshly cut hay in the field behind me. That should have been my clue! My field was lush and filled with wonderful grasses and wildflowers! So I started on my third painting.

I hear a tractor start up. Uh oh. Along comes Farmer Hal in his overalls and straw hat. There goes my field ! Such is the life of a plein air painter! But I was pleasantly surprised when Hal stopped and told me he'd wait for me to finish painting. I thanked him and quickly finished my ' hay' painting!

Now I am back at Marsha Savage's wonderful cabin on the river getting ready for some wine and another painting! 
More tomorrow!


David King said...

I can relate Karen, not that I've ever had a field I was painting mowed but I've had cars park in my way (or the car I was sketching leave!) and similar events.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day.