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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just for Fun ...Surf's Up!

'Surf's Up'          6x6         pastel       ©Karen Margulis
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 Sometimes I have to paint something just for fun. It was like that today.  My to-do list is long and I really needed to get started on it. But I just felt like painting something for fun. Sometimes I feel guilty when I do that. Shouldn't I be painting something that would make a consistent body of work? Shouldn't I be more serious?  I feel like I should but the feeling quickly passes and I paint what I want.

Today I felt like painting some surfers at the beach.  I had taken photos of a group of surfers at Deerfield Beach Florida on my January visit.  I thought they would be fun to paint in a square format. I cut some grey Pastelmat into 6x6 squares and took out some Terry Ludwig pastels.

Pastelmat paper is fun to work on because it grabs the pastel so well. It is great practice for making bold strokes. You can blend on it but it seems like you need a few layers to allow the pastels to blend. I'd rather practice using less layers and more thoughtful strokes.

These were fun and I am glad I took a surfing break!  These little detours are needed and the downtime and play are what is often needed so the next breakthrough can happen.

'The Surf is Calling'          6x6          pastel 


robertsloan2art said...

These are so great! If you don't paint out of sheer joy once in a while, follow an impulse because it's there, then what's lost is priceless and your work can become a trap. Art isn't something anyone can do just trudging to work every day and plodding through the same thing as yesterday. It has to be spontaneous, real and joyous.

You shared that surfing moment with whoever buys this and their life and job will be lightened by your time of fantasy. It's awesome.

I tend to leave people out of my paintings, you've been putting them in more and more lately. I have my reasons, but by and large buyers prefer to see someone in the painting they can identify with rather than being alone in nature. So while you're goofing around you're doing it in the same direction as the audience.

Don't beat yourself up or second guess what you're doing. You have a strong clear style that comes through in all your subjects, regardless of changing weather and scenery. You get it right every time and those of us who love your work can count on that.

Carol Flatt said...

So true, Karen! Well done!