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Friday, March 21, 2014

Must Have Pastel Accessories

'Majesty'          11x14        pastel            ©Karen Margulis
available for purchase $150 click here
 I wouldn't trade anything for mine. There are less expensive alternatives. I have many of them.  But it's my Heilman Box that stands at the top of the heap.  It has been with me for eight years now and traveled all over the country and back and forth to weekly classes. It has never let me down.

I've written about the importance of organizing pastels by value and color in one box. (read post here)
I am always happy to share do-it-yourself pastel boxes. I have made many myself and use them for my extra pastels. But there is nothing better for your pastels than a Heilman Box. For me it is a Must Have pastel accessory.

Pastel artists know that pastels are expensive. We start out with only a few pastels but our collection inevitably grows.  We know we need a box but a nice box isn't always in the budget. But think of a good box as a protector of your investment.  We wouldn't  throw a good camera with expensive lenses in a thin cheap bag....so why would we take a chance with our expensive pastels. A good box like a Heilman is worth saving for.

My Heilman Box....Backpack size

8 years later and still going strong
Here are some reasons why I love my Heilman Box:

  • It is well padded with memory foam. I have dropped the box and had no broken pastels...not the case with my cheaper boxes.
  • It has plenty of room to organize my pastels by color and value. (I have the backpack size)
  • I like the turnbuckles on the lids....they are easy on the fingers and don't get loose.
  • I love that it has a catch on both sides to keep the box rigid when open. I can lift the open box to move it without it folding.
  • Quality materials and finish. I just looks great. I decorated mine with stickers from my travels.
  • It has a nice handle and carry strap and a lock (I don't use)
  • It isn't really too heavy as solid as it is.
  • It has held up well with no issues for the last 8 years! 
Yes, a good box is a must have for your pastel collection and the Heilman Box is definitely a box to consider! Available on their website:http://heilmandesigns.com


Diane said...

This was a timely post for me Karen! I just posted on FB about my obsession with art supplies. The one item at the top of my wish list that I do NOT have is a Heilman box. What size is it you are speaking of in this post? Why do you prefer this box to a Dakota?

Karen said...

Diane, This is a backpack size. I see now they have a smaller sketchbook size which is so cute! I have a dakota box as well and it is a good less expensive alternative but I don't like the turn buckles to hold the lids in place....they are hard to turn and sharp. I have also had friends who have had these get loose and the lid fell off when opening the box, spilling the pastels! Also the dakota box doesnt have brackets on the side to keep it rigid when open....it makes it hard to move around the box when it is open.