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Friday, June 27, 2014

Painting Iceland Trip Report Day 6

'As the Fog Rolls In'. 5x7. Pastel

The first part of my Iceland Adventure is coming to an end. The workshop with Stan Sperlak officially ended today and it was an awesome experience. Next I head to Reykjavik for a few days and the adventure continues. I will be doing a more thorough trip review when I return home. It has been an action packed week.

Today we painted all day. We started out on a drive with our goal being a glimpse of a glacier. But it was spitting rain. We made a stop at the black church. The fog was rolling in and it was the perfect backdrop. We painted here for an hour. I decided to focus on the rolling meadows in the mist. I will paint the church when I get home!

Stay tuned to part two of my Iceland Adventure! I have been posting photos to Facebook so be sure to check them out!






Lisa Graham Art said...

Your Iceland photos are really beautiful. This one is my favorite...the mood...the color...I can almost hear rolling thunder in the distance.

robertsloan2art said...

These are so incredible. The paintings you did with this entry have something special about them. What you did for the fog is glorious and when you paint on a foggy or overcast day, it affects your palette. The first one took my breath away. As usual I'm reading back after answering the first one I saw today, so I'm comparing these with the Iceland poppies in a later entry.

These ones are glorious.

Now that may be personal taste! You'd just come out of a workshop, you learned and grew, your work's changing and the weather conditions changed. But these seem to have a powerful lot of detail expressed in very few marks, and the color harmony is so soft yet saturated it's wonderful.

So these are some favorites. Love them. Do this again, paint in fog sometimes!