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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Last Day in Iceland

All good things must end so today I say good bye to Iceland. It has been a wonderful adventure. In the end it seems this trip was not really about painting. I did paint some but for the most part I was too busy experiencing Iceland to slow down to paint it. I didn't even have time to post many updates to the blog.

I am going home with my head full of memories and a memory card full of wonderful images to paint. I will be writing a detailed trip report complete with pictures as soon as I return home and get settled.

On my last day in Reykjavik I was supposed to take a tour to Heimaey Island but it was cancelled due to bad weather....probably a good thing. So instead I bought some awesome watercolor pencils and a new sketchbook at the art store (so fun to poke around in the art store in Iceland) I had to have these once I tried Riley's last night. I'll review them soon. I spent the day poking around town taking photos and sketching over hot chocolate. It was a great way to wind down and say Bless Bless to Iceland!

I used up the rest of my Icelandic money on some goodies I've been enjoying here.chocolare chip cookies with coconut and caramel and chocolate wafers. Yum!


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