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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blue Skies Are Not Always Best

'Afternoon Storms'. 5x7. Plein air. Karen Margulis

There is one thing we cannot plan. We can map our route. We can find the best kept secrets and stay in the most wonderful locations. But we can't plan the weather. I always hope for sunny blue skies but I a secretly delighted when the weather turns. I love the drama of an approaching storm. Blue skies are nice but storms are inspiring. Our stay in Taos so far has given us both.

Yesterday began warm and sunny. It was a beautiful morning. I painted to the sounds of the birds with a gentle breeze keeping me cool. That would soon change. In the afternoon the clouds began to billow up behind the mountains. It was still sunny where I was so I kept painting.

I had the perfect vantage point. I could see the show unfold above the valley. The drama of dark and light rapidly shifted and I raced to paint the clouds. Blue skies are certainly nice but it isn't always better!



robertsloan2art said...

I've been lucky in San Francisco because pure sunny blue skies are rare. Most often what I get is Partly Cloudy, with several types of clouds at once arranged artistically in layers. I think about the skies I see when I go out and they have a quiet beauty that's always moved me. Sometimes I get photos.

Thank you for sharing that reference! Big storm clouds moving in are something I'm working on now, literally my painting in progress is a skyscape with a storm moving in! Your timing is perfect! PURR!

shawn said...

Thank you Karen, for sharing your work and thoughts......not crazy about happy blue skies.....love the drama! shawn