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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Exploring Sweden ...The Flowers are Calling

'Just Before the Rain'. 5x7. Pastel. Karen Margulis

Flowers are everywhere I look. I really didn't know what to expect about the landscape in Sweden. But I can say that I love it. Flowers are everywhere. Poppies and daisies by the roadside. Tiny yellow flowers an tiny little daisies carpet the grass. Today was about the flowers.

We began a full day of exploring with a drive to Landskrona to see the castle and the surrounding colony gardens.

These little garden plots with their tiny houses were fascinating. According. to my friend the plots are like community gardens only you have to buy the plot. The houses are only meant for overnight or daytime use... Not to live in. Many were quite elaborate. We got to tour one of them.


A few of them had small structures filled with sticks, bark and other wood. They were housing for insects so they had a place to live over the winter.


We also visited a wonderful garden by the sea. I will share more about it tomorrow. We made it part of an art project! More tomorrow!


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