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Monday, June 01, 2015

Packing for a Plein Air Trip Part 4

'Yes She Loves Me'           11x14           pastel             ©Karen Margulis
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The paper is cut. The pastels are packed. Where does it all go?What is best a plein air cart or a wheeling suitcase? Maybe a backpack on wheels?  I've had them all. I've downsized my gear so now it all fits nicely in a backpack. Since I rarely hike or stray to far to paint, a backpack is easy to manage. (if I need to I have a small folding wheeled luggage cart. The backpack slips easily over the handle for easy transport.)

So what's in my backpack?

The Art Supplies in my Backpack

  1. My Heilman box of pastels. I am taking the sketchbook size.
  2. Two portfolio folders filled with assorted papers.
  3. A support board (black)
  4. A plastic zippered pouch with assorted supplies: tape,pencil,sketchbook,Heilman plastic tray, business cards.
  5. A small ditty bag filled with rubber bands and clips (just in case)
  6. My Heilman easel attachment inside a blue ditty bag.
  7. Baby wipes in a neoprene pouch that attaches to my tripod.
  8. My tripod.
  9. My sunglasses with clear lenses.
  10. A pencil case with watercolor pencils and a small sketchbook.

The Miscellaneous Supplies in my Backpack

My back pack had a big center space and lots of pockets I stash comfort items in the pockets.

  1. Wet Ones antibacterial wipes.
  2. Cottonelle wipes (just in case)
  3. Tissues
  4. Compact First aid kit
  5. Zippered pouch with chargers...phone, camera and watch
  6. Travel pillow (very compact)
  7. Ipad mini
  8. Camera 
  9. Zippered pouch with lotion,sunscreen, lip balm, mints and whatever else fits.
Not shown but also included when I travel with painting supplies:
  1. Makeup case
  2. Medicine case. (small zippered pouches)
  3. Hairbrush
  4. Mini hairdryer
  5. Snack
  6. Waterbottle

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

Looks like both Heilman sketchboxes fit in the backpack so you're not scanty on pastels at all! What an elegant setup!