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Friday, July 03, 2015

Sweden Continues....Visiting a Farm and New Friends


'The Tree In the Back'. 5x7. Pastel. Karen Margulis

It was a low key day. We had spent the last few days on the road from early morning until late evening. It is easy to do when it is daylight until 11:00! So today we decided to stay close to home and visit a preserved farm. It was a beautiful summer day. The farm was wonderful and it would be a great place to return to paint and picnic.


After visiting the farm we went back to our house for lunch and a decadent nap. It was a refreshing break and I woke up ready to paint! We had invited our new Facebook friend for dinner so while my host (an amazing cook) prepared dinner of risotto with deer and mushrooms gathered from the woods, I did a quick pastel demo. Our friend is an artist but paints mostly with acrylics. I hope she decides to give pastels a try!

Today we leave our wonderful little house and head north. I am so excited to visit the castle where I will stay for the next few days! Here are some more photos from yesterday.




Chris Lally said...

Just managed to catch up on your wonderful blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to post photos of your beautiful artwork and travels. It is such a treat lingering over them. I never considered visiting Sweden, but I think I'll put it on my bucket list!

Laura Tuininga Jackson said...

Fantastic sky holes - I can definitely learn from this. Thank you!