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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Art Lessons from an Aspen Tree


It was a snow day today in Crested Butte. It was the perfect opportunity to do some plein air painting from the comfort of the inn. A table by the window was a great spot to set up. I spent time just looking out the window at the mountains and a little aspen grove across the street. I sketched them. I painted them. And I just studied them.  We don't have aspens in Georgia so I was taking notes!

I learned some valuable lessons from my morning at the window. The all important concept of Simultaneous Contrast came to life!


I always thought of aspen trees as being white. That is the local color we usually assign to them. But when we really observe them they aren't white at all. Sure they are a light value but not white. In fact I am finding that they are yellow to yellow green even. Their color was even more apparent because of the backdrop of the snow.....which is closer to true white. (See photo) So the 'white' tree trunks no longer looked white against something even whiter!  In the summer aspen trunks seem whiter against the backdrop of greens. A very important lesson!


After my morning sketch and painting session Caitlin and I treated ourselves to a massage....another good activity for a snowy and windy day!

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betknit said...

I enjoyed your blogs from Crested Butte! In this painted I like the purples in background. Thanks!