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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Plein Air Outing in Iceland with a Surprise Visitor

The sun finally made an appearance with the arrival of Stan Sperlak to Iceland. Stan is here with his son Joe to lead a Painter's Passport expedition. It was purely a coincidence that our time in Iceland overlapped but we all took advantage and spent some time exploring and painting on the Rekjyanes peninsula.

It was fitting that we had a chance to meet up in Iceland since it was Stan who introduced me to both Iceland and my friend Elinros through previous Painter's Passport trips. It was great to catch up, do some exploring and get a chance to paint!

I painted three small ones and Stan did two beautiful paintings. We made many photo stops. Thanks Stan for indulging me with the stops for horses! A visit to a Viking museum and lobster soup for lunch made for a great day!

I have two more days here in Iceland but still much to see and do! More to come! 


tess stieben said...

Wow, an excellent capture of a moody landscape. Your paintings are inspirational and delightful.

Nicole Arnold said...

Thanks for sharing your painting adventures in Iceland. I hope you have a wonderful time there. It's delightful to see your paintings of this place.

Jörg .. hannover .. Germany said...

Hi Karen, i have seen your videos and they gave me a lot of input for improving my own style
Just one general remark ... You are using under paintings to create different layers. Why not using a fixative to fix a layer. What is the difference from your point of view ?
Enjoy iceland - cheers jörg