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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Iceland Art Adventure...A Great Start!


It is day 2 of my Iceland Art Adventure. It is almost midnight but still light outside. I don't have trouble sleeping while it is light but it does make you want to go out and paint at midnight and catch the sunrise at 3:00 am! 
Today was wonderful. My friend Elinros has planned a week full of all things art. We started the day with a watercolor session. She set out watercolors and brushes and gave me a flower lesson. She is a wonderful flower painter!  I painted the lupines that are growing right outside her studio. How convenient they are!


Next we met her daughter-in-law Siggi who took us on a tour of the highlights of Rekjyavik. It was fun to see it through their eyes. The weather was perfect for a walk through town.... And some ice cream! They also helped me find the perfect sweater for my granddaughter Greta. 


The day ended with a wonderful meal with family. I am keeping a journal so I will write more about my adventures. I wanted to check in! We have another great day planned for tomorrow so I better get to bed! 


Richard Keller said...

I was stationed in Iceland in the Air Force. It is a very interesting place. The sky is so clear,and the northern lights are amazing.

robertsloan2art said...

Oh wow! Love that collection of brushes. I had to smile at that photo because over years the darn things accumulate from decent-but-inexpensive on up to OMG top quality forever brushes in large sizes that were gifts or on sale at clearance prices and had to be snapped up. Various organizers overflow and yet somehow for years there was always one more temptation.

Your lupine painting is gorgeous. Love the rich colors and soft transitions in it. I've done just enough watercolor to know how hard it is to get that effect along the petals and the stems and to get strong color in the foreground ones. You had a lot of practice doing underpainting for pastels but this really stands on its own, it's wonderful!

betknit said...

Thanks for the photos! I, too, will be in Reykjavik on July 20-21 - a stop-over on our way to Norway. I'm looking forward to more of your posts! Enjoy your week!

Sheila said...

So lovely :) Enjoy :)