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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Touring and Painting...Iceland Art Adventure Continues

It was the a perfect day. Not the weather...but I'm in Iceland and I was prepared for wind, clouds and cold. And Elinros and I both agreed the weather added drama to an already dramatic landscape! The day began with coffee of course as we plotted our day. Promptly at 10:00 Elinros's sister Elsa came to take us on a drive around the Reykjanes peninsula.  It was one photo after another and my camera battery gave out after 2 hours. Luckily I had a backup! Here is a tease...I'll be posting more in my complete write-up.

When we got home from touring we were so excited to paint that we went immediately down to the studio forgetting about lunch! We painted all afternoon and into the evening. I am helping Elinros get comfortable with pastels and she will be helping me with oils. I managed to paint seven 5x7 studies using my camera screen to look at my references. It was all so fresh in my mind that the photo just got me started.


I will post all of the paintings together in a coming post. I am up early today ready for more art and adventures!

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

WOW... this trip is kicking you to another whole level. The photos are great too, that cool blue sky with the stark red-roof house one looks like a painting already. The lupines made me smile. But it's your paintings that take precedence in this post. The field in your first one seethes with life and motion, almost drawing attention away from the horses. They all sing, the color and light in your later paintings makes my heart pound. I am in awe, something about this place is making you exceed your own best efforts.

Loved the photo with pastel boxes open and references and all too, felt like I was there with you.