Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Workshop Report Day Two

It was another busy day. We started the morning with more Underpainting fun. I began with s demo of an alcohol wash for a marsh scene. I love painting marshes for a demo because they provide material for much good landscape information. I try to fit in as much information as I possibly can!

After lunch we switched gears and tried extreme Underpainting which really isn't that extreme....just a simple way to start a painting. 
This evening was the reception for the Piedmont Pastel Society's Calendar show which I had the honor of judging. That was hard! There were so many great paintings. This is a great pastel Society and I love sharing with them. Now off to bed because tomorrow is another full day!



Karen said...

Karen, as I have been exploring your blog, I have seen many tips and demos that are truly helpful to a beginner like me. I began trying to follow your lesson by painting the same picture as you have done, then I began to wonder if that is okay. I have taken some online painting classes where we do paint from the demo, but I want to check with you to see how you feel about it.

Thanks for sharing your techniques and tips!

Karen said...

Thank you Karen! I appreciate you asking I don't mind as long as they are for personal use only. Thanks again for asking.