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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Try a Mounted Pastel Surface: True Grit Panel Review

'Autumn Glow'       9x12      pastel      ©Karen Margulis
available $155
I am often asked about how I mount my pastel paper. I never have a good answer because I don't usually mount paper. Why? I admit that I am too anxious to paint and that I paint too much! I don't like the time and expense involved in mounting paper. I know many artists mount their own paper but I haven't explored the process. But I recently discovered another option.....True Grit pastel panels by French Canvas.

I had never heard of these panels until recently. I had a chance to try a few and I enjoyed them thoroughly! It was a wonderful luxury for me to use these panels.  There is no worry about paper buckling when using wet media and of course the ease of framing the panels is a wonderful benefit. In the end the cost involved is worth it! Here is a closer look at the True Grit panels:

The paper used is Uart and it comes mounted on a very lightweight gatorfoam board . I tried the 400 grit but they have four grits available. The paper performed just as unmounted Uart paper does. I was surprised at how light the board was yet it was very sturdy. Here is information from the French Canvas website:

Top quality gritted paper (available in four different grits) adhered to a gatorboard panel. True Grit Pastel Panels are available in four grits: 280, 320, 400, and 500 with 280 having the most grit and 500 having the least. Panels are adhered to gatorboard with a ph neutral adhesive. Unlike foamcore, gatorboard will not warp or lose its form. Although it is extremely dense, it is very lightweight and can be cut with an exacto knife. Our panels have a total depth of about 7/16”. And remember, we will custom cut a special size to order at your request. 
Sold by the unit, not in packs.

We currently offer five different grades of paper for pastel, colored pencil, charcoal, and watercolor artists.  We offer a wide choice of sizes, but if you do not see the size you want, fear not! We will custom make your size. Any Questions? Please contact us at info@FrenchCanvas.com or toll free at (800) 934 3424.

I enjoyed using these panels. It would be a timesaver for anyone like me who doesn't like the time and expense involved with mounting paper. I love that the panels come in large sizes. I will definitely give them a try for my next big pastel painting! 

Before doing an alcohol wash. The results were great! No buckling!


robertsloan2art said...

These sound tempting! I love Uart and don't have space to mount paper. Too bad they don't have the really fine grit on a panel, but 500 isn't too bad. I like the full range of grits and am more likely to drift from medium to fine than from medium to coarse.

Shahar said...

Just found out they went out of business. Darn! I did order some Crescent self adhesive board to try mounting uart myself, as per Karen’s suggestion in a more recent blog. Hopeful!