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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Meet Jennifur the Studio Cat

'Bathtime'         5x7      oil on panel        ©Karen Margulis
available $75
As I type this post I am on the edge of my chair. The actual edge of the chair. Jennifer is taking up the rest of the chair. As it should be. She is my studio cat after all and she considers this chair her chair.  I thought it was the sheep fur cover so I got her her own chair and sheepskin. No. That wouldn't do. She still claims my chair no matter how many times I move her over to her chair.  Jennie waits at the top of the stairs every morning for me to go down to the studio so she can sleep on this chair all day.

Jennie's chair
If you have seen any of my videos you have met Jennifur but I thought I'd share a little more about her. Jennie is a great little cat. She is one of my 6 cats and the only one who comes into the studio. That's a long story but she doesn't get on well with Tobi the Siamese cat so she lives separately from the others. Heidi, my lab golden mix hangs out with Jennie. They are best friends.

Jennifur is 16 years young. Those who know her say she doesn't act or look her age. She has gotten more vocal but she really wants to make sure she know she want something....like whipped cream....or my chair!

Not only does Jennie keep me company all day she loves having visitors. When I teach in my studio she is very happy. She demands that we open a chair for her and she will sit with everyone listening and watching the demo. If we don't open a chair she will loudly let us know! She has a thing about chaos apparently.

I used to paint my cats a lot. I should do that more often. I have several paintings of Jennie including the oil painting in today's post.

Jennie and Heidi


KAS said...

Jennifur looks 16 years young! May she enjoy being your studio buddy and sleeping on your chair for many more years to come!

pamit said...

Having animals around is good for the soul generally. I imagine it is extra-special to have that while the creative juices are flowing! Are there pastel portraits of Jennie too? I bet I know the answer :-) --Pam in CO

robertsloan2art said...

Jennifur is so beautiful! I adore her. What a gorgeous studio cat! Please do paint her more often. She has a great style and sensitivity. I love to paint our cats and should paint them larger. I do little sketches but this summer I want to do some serious pastels of them.

Ari passed away last summer at age 16 but Jennifur looks much younger, like she has a long lifespan ahead. Give her my love. Sissy is only five so she'll be with me for some time to come and she's already figured out that she likes modeling!

J.M.J. said...

Well, I've always liked you for various reasons, but now I just flat out love you! Yes, I am familiar with Jennie from your videos. She wants your chair because she is the alpha in your relationship. Her interaction with the other cats must be hysterical. Our cat,Ally died at age 22.
My husband and I still miss the old girl ( over 4 years..) thanks for the insight on your menagerie!