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Monday, January 28, 2019

How to Make Your Own Canvas Like Pastel Support

'Among Good Friends'                 9x12                pastel            ©Karen Margulis
available $175
I haven't made my own pastel ground in awhile. I was lazy. It was easier to use clear gesso for a homemade surface. I decided to give the pumice gesso mix another try last week. This time I applied the mixture in a more controlled fashion and I loved the result!

I usually take a stiff brush and use random brush strokes to make a crazy textured underpainting. This time I used a softer Brush and applied the mixture in smooth level strokes going across in one direction and then again in the opposite direction. The result was a look much like the weave of canvas. It really gave my pastel painting a different look especially up close.
Here is some information on making your own supports. You can see today's painting demo video this week on my Patreon Page.

I made my own surfaces on Acid free mat board. I cut a large piece of mat board into smaller pieces. It is easy to score with a utility knife. I coated the back of each board with acrylic gesso to seal it. When it was dry I applied the ground which was made of acrylic gesso, fine pumice powder and water. I tinted this mixture with Golden fluid acrylic paint. There are several recipes for grounds that you can find and you will want to experiment with the ingredients to find mixture you like.
To read more about making your own grounds I recommend Richard McKinley's Pastel Pointer article on Home Grown Surfaces.

Do you like the look of pastels on homemade surfaces?

Making a homemade pastel surface

click to enlarge to see texture

1 comment:

Jill Paris Rody said...

I love the process of artwork- from the ‘ground’ up! (I am an acrylic artist but love dabbling in many other mediums.). Golden provides so many pumise and textural mediums to use, and the combinations are endless.once I got started with those, it changed my view on the possibilities! This is a great article Karen, and I continue to watch your offerings knowing there will be a sound outcome!
Sincerely, Jill Paris Rody