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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some Art Advice from Hemingway

'Wildflowers Roam Free'               10x8        pastel        ©Karen Margulis
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 I have always been committed to painting every day that I am home. But I found that sometimes I was letting other things take up too much of my time. It seems like the more are time we have the less we end up accomplishing. For me it was always....oh I have plenty of time so I'll do it later. I found I painted less for myself, for fun. If it wasn't for a workshop or blog post or class I put it off.

Things have changed in 2019. I am watching my 4 month old granddaughter for a few hours each day during the week. Even though it is just a few hours a day I feel more urgency to be efficient and to get more art done. It's been a productive month so far! I have a little secret and Ernest Hemingway had the same idea!

"At night, never go to bed without knowing what you'll write tomorrow." Ernest Hemingway

These days I am not getting down to the studio until the late afternoon. I don't have time to putter around trying to decide what to work on. I have to have a plan in place.  So every evening before I head upstairs I set up paper and reference photo for the next day. I might even do an underpainting if I have time. This way I have no excuse the next day.....I paint because it is there and ready for me. I know the night before what I will paint the next day. It is the secret to being productive!

Below are two underpainting on the easel. It gave me a head start on two day's worth of daily paintings! Today's painting came from the underpainting on the left. It is an Art Graf underpainting on white Pastel Premier paper.


Madonna Donovan said...

To do all that you do in a day you must be very organised and dedicated. I tend to make excuses by doing housework, washing, and fluffing around. My hardest thing was to pick a photo that I had taken that I would like to paint. A lot of them did not interest me because I wanted to paint colour. Years ago you were taught to paint what you see and don't vary away from it. After watching you paint and your instruction I can now look at a photo and think for myself what colours I would like to pick for the painting. I don't care if the painting is not true to the area or landscape. So thank you for your tuition and inspiration.

Karen S. said...

A great hint for those with busy lives who still want to paint in pastel. Also, so glad you have been blessed with a granddaughter!