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Friday, December 27, 2019

A Fun Look at my 2019 Instagram Top Nine

My 2020 Instagram TopNine

I love doing my yearly Instagram Top Nine. It is a good way to look back at my work and to see what resonates the most with people. (The top nine makes a collage of your Instagram posts that got the most likes during the year). I am happy to say that all of these paintings have found homes this year!

This year seemed to be the year for wildflowers!  Which is fitting since I introduced my Floral Landscape set of Terry Ludwig pastels in 2019 and I presented a wildflower demo at the IAPS convention in June. I painted a lot of wildflowers! What is surprising is the color palette! My orange and pink wildflowers made the top nine  They got more than 1600 'likes' each. It makes for a very cheerful top nine collage!

What is Instagram Top Nine? If you have an Instagram account (it is fun and something to consider if you'd like a diary of your work!) you can go to the website  and enter your user name for a free collage of your top nine posts. Use the hashtag #TopNine2019 when you post your top nine. 

In the past few years my tree paintings and the color yellow were my most popular paintings on Instagram. Here is a look back.

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