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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Do You Want to Improve Your Paintings this Year?

'Apres Ski'                 6x6              pastel                   ©Karen Margulis
available $150

I now have two full years under my belt and it has been so much fun to share with you. Perhaps you are already a member of my group on Patreon. Maybe you don't know what it is or if it is a good fit for you. (If you are already a member....a huge thank you for your pledge. Your support allows me to keep providing great content!)

What is Patreon? Simply it is a platform that allows me to easily upload videos and photos and PDF links and more so I can provide in depth online instruction. I like to say it is my blog on steroids! To access this content you pledge your support of either $4 or $6 a month. A $6 pledge gives you bonus content and a monthly paint along video series. 

What if it isn't for me? You can easily cancel your pledge at any time. Even if you use a fraction of what is offered it is well worth the $48 for the year! And I appreciate your support!

What do I get for my pledge? Ongoing online instruction and the support of other like minded artists! Each month I have a theme or unit of study. I offer a weekly demos, weekly challenges, member critiques and so much more. We have a Community page that allows you to share your work and ask others for feedback. We are a warm and welcoming group!

The best part of my group is that you also have access to all of the past content! Over 100 video demos and so much more. I am sharing the index of our past topics so that you can see what you can access. 

OK How do I join? Go to my Patreon Page at Follow the instructions on the page and you are in!!

I am proud of the work I have put into building my group and I appreciate the kind words of my Patrons. Here are just a few testimonials. 
  • Our "community" time has come to be one of the best parts of each day.

  • Thank you Karen for sharing your paintings, your wonderful teaching and multitude of information. I have learned much more then I thought possible

  • Thank you so very much for all the amazing instructions in whatever was they come. 
  • Learning from you is one of my biggest joys and motivation! 

  • Another year is fast approaching us.and I have to say Karen I have absolutely enjoyed all of the content this year over on Patreon especially the paint along's. I have learnt so much from you this year.

  • Every paint along painting that I have done I feel that I am getting better and a lot more confidence in my materials.

  •  I knew I had hit “pay dirt” by finding Karen. My artwork has really improved watching her videos and doing assignments and getting feedback from all of you.

  •  I have painted more this past year than I ever have and I believe I have grown as an artist since joining Karen’s Patreon page. Karen and this group have inspired me to paint, paint paint! 

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