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Saturday, January 04, 2020

Why Take an Art Workshop this Year?

I guess I am just a perpetual student. I love to learn new things. I am happiest with my nose in a book or listening to a good lecture and taking notes. Maybe that is why I also love teaching. It gives me the chance to be creative with the information I share and design workshops that lead to lifelong memories! This week I am preparing for several upcoming workshops so I thought I'd share my thoughts on why taking workshops is a good thing.

One of the things I love about painting is that artists are never done learning. It is not something we totally master. We may develop technical skills but there is always room for learning and growth. I like to take workshops.  I choose my workshops carefully and make sure I don't take too many too closely spaced. Time is needed to digest what is learned. Too much information from too many sources can be confusing. But chosen wisely a workshop can have many benefits.

  •  A workshop exposes us to new ideas and techniques which can lead to new discoveries even for the most experienced artist.
  • We often learn just as much from the other artists in the workshop. I always learn tips from my fellow artists...not to mention meeting new friends who are as passionate about painting as I am.
  • It's good for your brain!  It is important to go back to learning mode every once in awhile. Hearing things you know explained in a different way can lead to breakthroughs and aha moments and we are never too experienced to have those!
  • Workshops can be a time of forced immersion in art. Sometimes life gets in the way and we don't get to paint as much as we want. A workshop gives your days of uninterrupted painting time. It can really jumpstart a good routine.
  • Workshops help me learn how to be a better teacher. It is humbling to be a struggling student...going back to that place helps me understand my students and what they are feeling in my classes.
  • Workshops lead to lifelong friendships and memories. These experiences add to the fabric of our experiences. The more we experience the richer we will be and the better we will be able to express ourselves through our art.

I love taking workshops! I also love teaching and the many workshops I have taken over the years have made it possible for me to grow as an artist and now to be able to share the things I've learned with you! I have a busy year ahead with workshops and other fun travel (more on that soon) and I hope it will be my pleasure to have the opportunity to meet and share with many of you!

Have a look at my 2020 workshop schedule and see if there is one near you. Workshops are all studio workshops except for one plein air workshop in Pennsylvania. Each workshop will include two demos each day with plenty of time for you to paint with my help at your easel. The focus of the workshops will be on painting with more expression and I have plenty of helpful and fun lessons planned. The workshops are suitable for artists at any level from beginner to advanced!

Each group has their own registration procedures and time tables for registration. Consult the flyer below for more information. I am not handling any registrations for these workshops but I will do my best to answer any questions you might have. 

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