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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Time to Paint Some Rocks!

'Summer in Ireland II'                  12x18                  pastel                ©Karen Margulis
available $195
 The focus of the month is rocks! Rocks in the landscape and rocks in the water. Rocky cliffs and rock walls. I love having a focus for my paintings. I work more efficiently with an assignment. When I don't have a focus I tend to get lost and end up puttering around the studio and not accomplishing as much. When I have an assignment I am energized! I go down into the studio with anticipation and excitement to learn new things.

I don't paint rocks all that often so making them the focus of my paintings this month will allow me to practice and explore an unfamiliar subject matter. I have combed through years of reference photos pulling out rock related photos from my travels. Today's painting is from a summer trip to Ireland.

I wanted the rocky outcrops to have texture. These were not smooth rocks. They were old and rough and covered with lichen and moss. I needed textured paper! The perfect solution was to use some clear gesso to liquify an unfinished demo painting. The gesso created a textured grayish surface and the peek from the older painting was just the right color and value for my Irish landscape.

Repurposing an unfinished demo painting
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