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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Trying a New Set of Pastels!

                'Nothing But Dreams'                 9x12            pastel            ©Karen Margulis    available $165

I finally did it! I got into my new set of Unison pastels. They had been on my desk for a couple of months now! I had a gift certificate to use for Dakota Pastels so I treated myself to a new set by Unison ....the Light and Shade set. It looked intriguing. I like to have a variety of colorful lights and colorful darks and that was the focus of this set! I will be doing a video review next week in my Patreon group but I always like to use or try to use a new set exclusively so I can get to know it better. 

I loved my first look at this set and I can see me using these colors a lot but more likely as part of my main collection rather than a stand alone set. If this set had another row of middle dark values it would be perfection!

                                              Yes I take the labels off and break them in half!

We are also doing oil stain underpaintings this month so I decided to use one of the underpaintings for this forest scene. I love the interesting drips that the oil stain gives. 

Here is the painting at the almost finished stage. I needed to supplement the set with a few middle value greens and yellows. 


I will be sharing more about this set in the coming days as I explore it even more! Have you tried this set? How do you like them? 

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