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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Overcoming My Biggest Art Fear

'Raven Rock'          8x10      pastel      ©Karen Margulis  sold

It's Halloween and that makes it a good day to reflect on the fears we have as artists.  Alyson Stanfield has an excellent post on her blog today about the Fears that Haunt you. I encourage you to read it. (if you don't already subscribe to Alyson's excellent blog it is a must! Here is a link to Alyson's post on art fears.   At the end f the article Alyson asks us to reflect on the fears we have and how we are overcoming them.  Good question!

'Mr. Raven II'      8x10    SOLD
I actually have never experienced many of the common fears about being an artist.  I have never been afraid of trying new things or failing or putting my work out there. I know I am always learning and I paint what I love so I am not worried about everyone liking what I do. As long as I am enjoying myself there is nothing to be afraid of.  BUT I do have a big fear that can be crippling.

I am very shy and quiet.  It is very hard to be outgoing especially in a crowd.  I envy those who are able to meet and greet strangers with such ease.  How does this relate to art?  Well I am fine working in the studio and networking online....but when it comes to promoting my work and meeting other artists and collectors in person, it is a challenge for me.

How am I overcoming this fear?  I am finding that the more I am out there teaching and doing demos the easier it becomes.   Being prepared before a presentation is very helpful.  I am more confident when I have practiced and prepared what I will say, I am much more relaxed. It is getting better!

No matter what your art fear is it all boils down to the same solution. You need to work at it and practice.  As Alyson points out in her post "There is no Magic Bullet. Take Daily Action and keep moving  forward."  Thanks Alyson for today's food for thought!

Today's raven paintings were done using a limited 'Old Masters Palette'  You can see a photo of this palette in this recent post HERE


Kathryn Hansen said...

i saw a survey on Making a Mark that revealed that most artists are introverted. seems very logical to me. i don't have issues with this at art fairs when people walk into my booth but i do have a very hard time at gallery receptions. so i push myself every time i am at one. it hasn't become easier, but i'm going to keep at it!!

Alysons post this morning was great!! i recommend it too!!

Karen said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I do have to push myself even more than I do!

Melissa Adams Art said...

Thanks for the link - it was very insightful, as was the rest of the site! Just added her to my list of bookmarked blogs. =)