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Friday, November 02, 2012

A Twist on my Acrylic Flowers...no lines

'Purple Power'       6x6    acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas    ©Karen Margulis
available for $75 on Daily Paintworks
 To ink or not to ink?  That is what I am trying to decide.  If you have been following my blog you may have seen some of my acrylic flower paintings.  I have been adding ink lines to the flowers once the paint is dry.  I have enjoyed the process and the results. But there is a story behind this painting.

side view of the purple coneflower painting
I was visiting my mom a couple of weeks ago and brought my acrylics.  I decided to paint a few 6x6 flowers.  I painted the daisies and then the coneflowers one afternoon. The next day I worked on the ink lines on the daisy painting.  I was showing them both to my mom so she could see what the painting looked like before and after the addition of the ink.  

She preferred the coneflowers without any lines.  Hmmmm. So I decided to leave the painting alone. I want to paint more acrylic paintings but I am curious. Should I continue with the ink lines?  I'd love to hear your opinion.

Daisies showing the ink lines


Kae Hutchens said...

I'm a big fan of seeing brush strokes in paintings, but I really like your painting style with the lines, too. I think they'd look great either way, though!

Mary Rochelle said...

I think your flower paintings with the inked lines have lots of character and really stand out! Without, they are nice, but a little bland and common.

Teri said...

I also like both styles and can see how much fun it would be to add the ink lines. Do some of each!

Catherine S said...

Karen I like everything you do. It is all so wonderful. However if I had to choose one style for myself or as a gift, I would go for the version without the lines as they seem to me, to interfere with the delicacy and luminosity of the flowers. The pigment and brushstrokes and artistry are sufficent without the lines. A lot of times I've heard that one should err on the side of restraint, leaving things out, to promote the imagination. Just my two cents!

Anonymous said...

I love your work, it's just so beautiful. I think I favor without the lines, though. I love the softness your paintings have without them.

Deborah said...

Is it all or nothing?

Make one inked as a focal point; let the rest blur out. Vary the color of the ink - use sepia ink, or white.

I personally like everything you do.

Since you asked...

Monica said...

I love your work as well...just stay true to you and what you like.