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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Plein Air from Photos... Pawley's Island Day 2

'The Egret Out Back'          6x8            pastel          ©Karen Margulis  SOLD
We woke to a sliver of orange over the ocean which was soon replaced by clouds and drizzle.  It was quite cold and windy and while I could have set up my easel on one of our porches I decided to paint inside.  I know I am a plein air wimp sometimes!  But last night I  had a dream that I had painted the egret we had taken photos of yesterday and I was anxious to try painting him.  I love when I dream a painting so it is nice when you can follow up on the dream.

My intention was to use my oils this week so I didn't bring any large pastel paper...only some 2.5 x 3.5 pieces. So I found a small local art supply shop and all they had was some grey Canson. It would have to do!

I decided to use my iPad to display my reference photos of the egret.  I downloaded my photos from my camera card to the iPad and pulled up the egret full screen.  With the marsh in real life just out the window and the photo brightly displayed on the iPad it was like I was out in the marsh painting....but I was nice and warm.

'Beauty in the Marsh'      6x8     pastel
Tomorrow we are headed out on a photo safari. We have fairly new super zoom cameras and I made a photo scavenger hunt for us.  I will write more about this tomorrow!

My photo of our egret


Nancy L. Vance said...

Karen, how do you download the memory card to the iPad? I've been thinking of getting one this winter, and I thought the iPad didn't have any external memory slots?

Karen said...

Hi Nancy,
You can buy an sd card reader from apple it downloads photos to the iPad and works great!