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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Abiquiu Adventure....the workshop begins

'The View From Above'. 5x7. Pastel

We painted from morning until the sun sank behind the cliffs. It is a dream come true. The opportunity to paint in such an inspiring place with a group of artists who are passionate about what they do is priceless. Today was the first day of the workshop with Richard McKinley and since this is a mentoring or next level workshop the morning meeting was short but filled with great advice. Richard issued us a challenge for the week: To be more conceptual....go deeper....be more present.....go beyond the mechanics of painting....go farther!

Our first painting location was a spot high above the Chama River. Yesterday I painted at the river bank....today I was like a raven soaring over the river as it rounded the bend. It was fantastic. I did 4 studies and had a wonderful time.


The second location was pure magic. We left the river around 3:30 to get set up at Plaza Blanca also known as the White Place as named by Georgia O'Keeffe. I had been to the White Place before but we only stood at the overlook. One must go down into the arroyo and close to the white cliffs to fully appreciate the beauty of this place . And one must come when the late afternoon sun does it's slow dance across the white cliffs turning them lavender and blue with slivers of light. It was truly magical and will become a treasured memory.

The White Place at 4:00

Richard talks about his painting and the importance of going back to a place. A valuable lesson!

Tuesday is another very full day of painting! Stay tuned!



Christine Troyer said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and photos. What an amazing place!

robertsloan2art said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your workshop experience and photos. The paintings are so good. You improved - even you - that fast. I love the sun on the sand, it's so incredible in that riverside view. Your colors seem more fine tuned and the light is even more vivid. WOW!

I love your work anyway but these are stellar. Go you! Enjoy it!

ida mae poopsnatch said...

Oh, Karen! I cannot even imagine doing what you're doing right now.
I'm disabled by a bum neck & cannot stand or sit upright longer than 15 minutes. I paint reclining with my
back on a reading wedge & a roll pillow under my neck. I'm not trying to break any hearts here; it is what it is. Yet I DO long to do plein aire work, attend workshops, etc. (It is especially trying since I used to backpack like a mountain goat! Ah well.) Anyway, your paintings are simply stunning, &, as usual,I am amazed by how simple but intensely effective your style is. Did you do thumbnails of each study, connect masses, put the main point in a 'sweet spot' & all of that? Your work seems effortless but this, of course, cannot be true. Perhaps after I get as many hours under my belt as you, I will work faster, too, & many things will become automatic. I just hope I live long enough! Thanks for your great blog. L&K, MaryB